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With 25 years in the business, B&K Flooring has the skills to bring the highest quality and care to your flooring.

From commercial to residential flooring's, we provide sales and installations that are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.  

B&K is fully insured and licensed in PA Serving York, Lancaster, Harrisburg and surrounding areas.

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How it all works

We'll Come to You!

Today's world there is never enough time for everything, with that in mind "We Come to You"!

At B&K Flooring we will come to your home or business with a variety of carpet and flooring samples for you to look and pick your perfect flooring choice. 

We carry Top Name Flooring Brands to give you the most premium Product for an Amazing Price.

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We'll Come to you!

Request an Appointment

We Come to You


We will guide through every step to ensure you will be happy with your new Flooring purchase. Our trained professionals will recommend what the best options are suited to your homes  unique layout. A B&K Flooring Representative will come to your home or work with samples and materials for you to choose from.  


  • Paint: If you would like to repaint the room consider doing it before your new floor is installed.

  • Touch-ups: It is always a good idea to keep some paint handy for touch ups after your floor has been installed.

  • Move Furniture: Moving your own furniture is always suggested but we can move it for you for a fee.

Carpet Care & Maintenance

Carpet Care is very important to make sure you get the most of your carpet. A carpets lifespan is determined by the foot traffic going across it on a daily basis. No Carpet is stain resistant, some carpets come with stain preventive treatments to help withstand staining.



Laminate Flooring "Floats" above any surface that is: Clean, Flat and Dry.

Laminate Flooring is interlocking planks that Float above the current flooring which provides a versatile surface.


Vinyl &  Viynl Planks

Vinyl Flooring is rapidly becoming a reasonable alternative to traditional Natural Products because of 

so many design options and high resistance to stains and being cost effective.

Vinyl Flooring is installed by applying an adhesive to bond with a sub-floor to give you a flat and level surface.

Vinyl Planking Comes in Strips designed to resemble hardwood flooring. Vinyl Planking is installed on a Clean, Level Surface free of Cracks. 



B&K Flooring Installs Commercial LVT And Vinyl Planks Because they have become one of the most popular & cost effective Flooring Choices for a Commercial environment.

Because of it's Durability & Style it has become the top choice for Offices, Hallways & Lobbies.  LVT Requires low maintenance without needing to be waxed or needing treatments.  LVT is stain resistant and is unaffected by water as natural products are. 


B&K is fully insured and licensed in PA Serving York, Lancaster, Harrisburg and surrounding areas.

Phone: (717) 430-0560

Mobile: (717) 801-8022


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